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How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean
Arthur C. Clarke
With more than two thirds of the planet covered in water we are aiming to raise more awareness for the wet part of the planet. Join us for a Marine Biology Expedition on Board our Sailing Research Boat and experience for yourself!
You can also follow our endeavours on our Youtube Channel and on Patreon, where you can be amongst the first to see everything we explore and find for a little donation.

We also offer Public talks for schools, Universities, clubs etc as well as conducting surveys and are always happy to collaborate with researchers, Universities and other enthusiasts who are working for the good cause!
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Find out more about our SY Independence, our latest Milestone in Project Manaia
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Follow the beginnings of our Coral Garden in the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar and all the other developments of our Organization in our Blog!
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SY Independence is currently cruising the Mediterranean Sea raising awareness about "Invasive Species" working together with Dive Centers and Research Institutes as well as NGOs along the way.
If you want to get involved or know of someone we should certainly talk to please get in touch!

Our Itinerary for the next weeks and months - to be continued - NEW CHANGES (Read below)

If you want to join us for part of the trip please get in touch! Our Patrons get to choose their passage first, but please just send us a message and we will be in touch!
We were finally able to confirm our one month stay for Plakias on Crete from May 10th on. After the work there we will head north towards the Adriatic Sea along the Coast of Greece, Montenegro and Croatia all the way to Trieste in Italy.

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