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During all our Research Expeditions, Transits and Projects we keep up to 5 spots on board free for interested Parties who want to come along and learn, help and experience our work at Sea.
Since Running a boat and Expeditions is always pricey Business we do however ask for a donation in order to support our ongoing efforts.
If you are interested in joining a trip, please get in touch with us! An updates schedule for the next months to come will be online soon but to make sure about availability and help on board needed please E-Mail us right away or get in touch via the Contact Form.

Be a Volunteer on Board

While we do take guest researchers and supporters on board to join us for single expeditions and trips as well as transits, the Volunteer position on Board is special. Not only are our Volunteers required to help with everyday tasks (just like everyone else) but we also require them to be experienced with field work and supporting roles in the relevant fields already! The ideal candidate joins the crew on board with a designated Project in mind, that she or he can conduct with some extra assistance from the crew and guests on board and the results will benefit everyone’s goals for future or present work.
Our Volunteers do not have to cover accommodation costs on board, however they are asked to be Patrons before joining on board to help us out covering running costs and might have to chip in for food and harbor fees at certain times (depending on the sailing grounds at the given time)

Meet our Season 2016/17 Volunteer Alex