Project Manaia

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Meet the team of Project Manaia

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Manuel Marinelli
I am Manuel Marinelli, a Marine Biologist, Diving Instructor, Photographer, Sailor and Environmentalist.
I've spend the last years of my life sailing around the world for a major environmental Organisation and during this time I came across a lot of passionate people eager to make this planet and particularly our oceans a better place for future generations. That was the birth hour of the idea to create a platform for other NGOs to operate from and I founded "Project Manaia" to give Organisations, great minds, students, Universities and other people with great ideas how to make our oceans a better place a platform to operate from.
Even though I was born in Austria I always had a passion for the oceans and it was the driving force my entire life, making sailing, diving and the creatures of the sea like the air I am breathing - So this is my dream, engaging people around the world to help protect this amazing environment and make sure that the next generations get a chance to enjoy all this life in the wet element as well...
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Luca Schueli - Founder and president of ECoSwiss & MABR
Luca is a Swiss-Italian with an enduring passion for the sea and sailing. In the beginning of the '80s, he sailed for 3 years from Europe to Asia with his wife on a catamaran. When he landed in Phuket, he started a boat-building company but realised soon that business didn't fit with his own ideals. Accelerating environmental degradation and threats to biodiversity became his main pressing concerns.
During his long journeys in Southeast Asia, he got in contact with several personalities who were concerning themselves with nature conservation. Among them, the late Terrence Dillon Morin (founder of the Gibbon Rehabilitation Project in Phuket) and Michael Day (founder of The Tiger Trust).
When he went back to Switzerland he looked for ways to support their work and in 1993, together with Fabio Ausenda (Green Volunteers) and friends in Lugano, he founded Europe Conservation Switzerland, whose aim is to promote biodiversity research, nature and cultural conservation in Europe and around the world.
As Burma opened up he was one of the first to take scientists into the Mergui Archipelago and contributed to the establishment of the first national parks in the area as well.