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As we are currently setting up things in the Mediterranean area and are looking into the different funding scenarios and Project schemes we are also looking for volunteers ashore to help us spread the word, get a message out, get in contact with Universities, Researchers and Marine Biologists with Projects on the mind!
We are also actively looking for people who can support us with crowdfunding campaigns. We are aiming to fund individual projects via Crowdfunding such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. If you know how to really get a campaign going on those platforms please get in touch with us!

Why support us

Project Manaia is bridging the gap between water sports and Research. We are building a network of waterspouts centres (diving bases, charter fleets etc) and make them citizen scientists that collaborate and collect a wide range of data. This again will help researchers from Universities and NGOs to push their work even faster.
To achieve this Project Manaia is travelling the Mediterranean Sea aboard our Research Sailboat Independence and running workshops with all interested centres, NGOs and Research facilities. We help spread the knowledge to better preserve and protect a fragile marine environment that we all depend on.
While we have a motivated and skilled team volunteering on board we try to cut the costs for participating team members as low as possible and for this we need your help. With your donation we can offer enthusiastic people willing to change the world for the better a place to work from - and make sure we all can enjoy the Mediterranean Sea in the amazing state we all learned to love.

By the Way: All our Patrons do get special privileges, depending on your monthly support it can be anything from early chances to see our videos up to a one week stay on Board our Boat! Come and join the Patron Family!
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Our Wishlist

As Research and Life at Sea go there is always things that need replacing and upgrading. Here is a small selection of Items we hope to get soon, however if you have gear leftover and want to donate it to a good cause please get in touch!
This is NOT a complete list, there is always more and it will be updated!
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