Our Vision

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We will build a network of collaborators such as Dive Centers, charter fleets, fishing communities and all other water sports enthusiasts all working together towards better health and sustainable development of our oceans
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Increase seagrass distribution across the Mediterranean and make sure that in all those places that were previously covered with meadows we plant them again to reconstruct a natural key habitat for the eco systems!
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Find working long term solutions for Marine debris and get all watersports communities to come together and collect Marine debris while we provide the necessary knowledge and structure to make sure the collected plastic doesn't just get dumped but reused in a variety of creative ways giving back a resource to the communities

Join us on Board

You want to become part of Project Manaia's efforts to protect and preserve the Marine Environment? Everyone is welcome to join in and help with their means!
- Join us on board and Participate with our Work
- Join with your. Dive Center and become part of a growing network. In the Mediterranean
- Join us for Workshops on board or in collaboration with Dive Centers
- Support the Cause with a Donation

Citizen Science

You are happy to see the progress we make and want to get involved and help out yourself? We need people like yourself helping us to get the sightings in we all need to better understand what is happening! Check our Invasive species list and submit your sightings!

Mission: Mediterranean - Our Plan for 2020

After creating a baseline of the Seagrass meadows in our path over the last years and identifying major threats we are ready to tackle issues and focus on the solution, so we are heading out to replant seagrass meadows throughout the Mediterranean! And we will need YOUR help to make it happen! Find out how to help right here!

Preliminary Schedule

April - May 2020:
- Maintenance on SY Independence on Aegina Island
- 15.05: Aegina Island
19.- 24.05.: Mykonos Island
27.- 31.05.: Lipsi Island
02.- 06.06.: Kalymnos Island
12.- 16.06. Santorini
21.- 24.06.: Naxos
25.- 29.06.: Paros
06.- 10.07.: Korinthos
13.- 15.07.: Ithaka
19.- 21.07.: Korfu

21.- 23.07.: Saranda
26.- 28.07.: Durres

28.- 30.07.: Bar
02.-04.08.: Herceg Novi

04.- 05.08.: Cavtat
10.- 14.08.: Otok Vis
16.- 18.08.: Split
19.- 24.08.: Trogir
27.- 31.08.: Murter
03.- 06.09.: Zadar
08.- 24.09.: Otok Silba
28.9.- 02.10.: Punat
06.-14.10.: Pula
15.10.: Rovinj

All Dates are open for change due to weather, delays and unforeseen circumstances. If you plan to join the boat in certain locations please do allow for a two day margin in both directions - With storms getting more serious in the Mediterranean we are sometimes forced to hide from weather for days at a time!

Come for an Expedition

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During our voyage through the Mediterranean Sea we do offer the option to join us on board and participate in the research efforts underway.
You have the option of joining us for the trip and staying on board or - if preferred join us in a workshop in a set location and stay in the comfort of a house on solid ground while learning the skills of marine science in the workshops during the daytime!
The exact dates will come clear by the end of January but we will offer those workshops on board as well as on shore throughout the trip from the Aegean Sea all the way up the northern Adriatic.

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