June 2015

Crowdfunding for the "Open Research Boat"

Even though the Crowdfunding Campaign is not successful we manage to get a bit of traction and more outreach with TV Interviews, Radio appearances, Newspaper Articles and even an appearance on the TED stage.
October 2015 -
May 2016

MABR becomes part of Project Manaia

We make a leap to the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar and take over Operations of the Mergui Archipelago Biodiversity Research. During the Season of 2015/2016 we visit more than 20 islands of the Archipelago, establish valuable relationships in the area and document well over 400 different terrestrial and marine species - more than 10 of them endangered around the world, including one coral that is close to extinction but abundant in the Mergui Islands.
October 2016 -
May 2017

Sea Nomad becomes a Research Base in the Mergui Archipelago

The Season of 2016/2017 Sea Nomad remains anchored inside the Mergui Archipelago, something that has not been done before. This way a team of three had a window of several months to investigate Boulder Island in detail, creating Reef maps and the first ever Animal Guide Book for the Mergui Archipelago, which is available for all our supporters on Patreon
October 2017 -
May 2018

The first dedicated Research Base in the Mergui Archipelago is born

In the latest season Project Manaia created a Research Base on Boulder Island, together with the "Boulder Bay Eco Resort" we have a team of two (Marine) Biologists permanently stationed on the remote island.
During this season we established the very first Coral Garden and Coral Nursery of Myanmar and possibly the entire Andaman Sea!
January 2018

The Open Research Boat 2.0

With Projects in Myanmar moving along we relocated ones again and managed to get more engaged in the Mediterranean and finally create the Open Research Boat we always dreamed of - SY Independence.
Currently based in Turkey we will be setting out to help with Cetacean data collections at sea as well as a turtle project in which we will help quantify the populations along the northern shore of Cyprus!
research boat project list
Summer 2018

First Season in the Med

Moving from Turkey, via Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Italy we made a lot of friends, found partners for research efforts, amazing snorkelling and diving spots along the way and got a lot of work done - all in the shortest version in the video below!
Fall 2018

This was our Season

Wrapping things up after 1 season, 6 countries, more than 45 islands, many mapped areas, lots of new friends and partners and a lot more!
January 2019

Our Invasive Species Project for the Mediterranean gets rewarded with the Hans and Lotte Hass Preis

Every year one Marine Biology project in Austria gets rewarded with a price given out in honour of Hans and Lotte Hass, two Austrian Marine Biologists and underwater explorers!
This Year Project Manaia and our project to better understand migration patterns of Invasive Species got the reward!
Thank you very much Hause des Meeres and everyone who backed our efforts!
September 2019

Our Invasive Species Project for the Mediterranean gets rewarded with the YOUMARES NORDAKADEMIE Young talent award

As a part of the YOUMARES Conference in Hamburg this award is given out to a promising project to help them to keep going. This year we were lucky enough to be rewarded with this price! Thank you so much for having us and the believe that is given to us!
September 2019

Conference Presentations

This September was a lot of work and travelling but with an amazing outcome! Project Manaia presented at the YOUMARES in Hamburg, ICYMARE in Bremen and the BIOECO Conference in Istanbul! We were also rewarded with a best talk, a golden plaque and most of all, a lot of new contacts and promising plans for the upcoming season!
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