Mission Mediterranean 2020

Mission Mediterranean 2020

Will come packed with new projects, new people and stations to visit and a lot more stories to tell. Here we start with the first one of many stories: What the big plan is for the upcoming season!

Who is this Manaia anyways

So who is this MANAIA everyone keeps rambling about?

When Project Manaia was founded there was no name to start with, just like with many Organisations it was an ongoing discussion.
While the objective was clear: Offer a low cost sailing platform (small carbon footprint) for marine research.
So the decision to link it to the oldest sailors on the planet was kind of obvious - the Maori culture, so Pacific Islanders (including New Zealand) were the first
ones to sail the Oceans and cross wide areas of water.
Those cultures also had some strong believes within them. One of them being that the sea itself
was something well worth protecting so obviously there had to be a goddess in charge of this. That creature - half man, half dragon (and a bit of seahorse) was called MANAIA - the spiritual guardian of the Seas.
So there we go: Project Manaia
A Project to support the guardian of the seas that even the oldest sailors had big faith and strong believes in. And ever since then Manuel has been wearing a necklace of Manaia, that was given to him by "his" crew in New Zealand years ago - the only night he took it off (because of a nasty rash)
. We got hit by a fishing trawler…
So lesson learned, Manaia is watching over us and our missions, since we try nothing else but to support her in her everlasting
. Objective to protect the seas!
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Fair winds and calm seas…
The Crew of SY Independence

Project Manaia Working on to Create Marine Protected Areas

Since 9th of May 2018, Project Manaia Team was working in Plakias, Crete on several projects to make that area marine protected (MPA) with Dive2gether Team supported by angel investor.

In the end of the month, we create a video about the work with Dive2gether team.

One month survey includes Drone Mapping, Underwater Drone (ROV) Project, Invasive Species Counting System and doing dives for checking situation of seagrass (
Posidonia oceanica) in the area of Plakias.

In term of creating MPA (Marine Protected Area) we try to collect information about current situation of the marine environment as much as we can in the time we spent in Plakias. We mapped the sea grass by drone, check the deep water be ROV, create a fish ID card to count the invasive species by Dive2gether team and do dives for shoot counting of seagrass in the area.

In the end of the month Project Manaia Team created a seagrass map combined with google earth and wrote a report to suggest which areas should be protected, Invasive Species Counting System for dive centers in Greece and 3 reports as outcome for this project.

For more information, you can have a look to our reports.
Seagrass Survey

Local Marine News - Roportaj with Kerem BAYRI from datca, TURKEY

As Project Manaia we started a new series called 'LOCAL MARINE NEWS'. We are doing interviews with local people and asking what has changed underwater in that area. We believe it is a good way to spread the word. From now we will share one every month from the places we are visiting.

Our first interview is from Datca, Turkey with Kerem BAYRI who is the owner and diving instructor of Ucanbalik dive centre. Luckily, we had a chance to do it in short time before leaving Datca.

He is telling us more about invasive species and over fishing. For more you can watch the video!

Project Manaia Team


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